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The Most Comprehensive Fleetwood, PA, Source for Residential Garages

Martin Construction Co. is proud to provide a solution for every home. Whether you’re in the market for conventional or post frame residential garages in Fleetwood, PA, we’re ready to build whatever you need. Our locally owned business has more than 35 years of experience in construction, paving, and much more. Because we handle every part of the process, you never need to go anywhere else. Martin Construction Co. is fully prepared to create your new garage from scratch to make the perfect complement for that upcoming renovation or addition. Ask us about adding one with fully concrete floors.

Garages can do so much for your home, and when you buy yours from us, it’s made to accommodate your needs and house exactly. A garage can offer excellent storage space, a parking place for your cars, or a workshop for DIY gurus. Some of them are even used for socializing, and hobbies, and nearly all have the potential to raise your resale value. No matter the purpose, our concrete foundations and professional design make your garage a perfect fit for your property. Contact us today to get started on your new space.

Standard Features:

Conventional Framed Buildings:

• Poured Concrete Footers
• Block or Poured Frostwalls
• 2x4 or 2x6 Wall Construction
• Truss or Raftered Roofs - Attics
• OSB Wall & Plywood Roof Sheeting
• Housewrap
• Cupolas
• Vinyl Siding (many colors/profiles)
• 3-tab or Architectural Roof Shingles
• Overhangs, Rain Gutters
• Top Quality Doors & Windows
• Dutch Corners (OH Doors)
• Concrete Floors

Post Frame Buildings:

• Glu Laminated Columns
• SmartPost System Postsaver
• 45 year Steel Metal Sales
• Vinyl Siding
• Shingle Roofs
• Concrete Floors
• Overhangs, Rain Gutters
• Cupolas

The Foundations for Success

The most important aspect of your build is always the concrete foundation the building sits on. Whether you are constructing a skyscraper or a single-story garage, the base of your structure must support its weight and purpose. Our commitment is to protect the integrity of your building and ensure your foundation is ready to handle the load.

A proper concrete foundation is almost the first step on the journey to a new building. After the property is surveyed, measured, excavated, and graded, we install tangible evidence of a permanent structure. Only a solid footing will help your building stand up to years of use.

Where It All Comes Together

Talk to our team about your project, and let us help create something that will last. We are prepared to bring your idea to life, whether it is a small stable or a multi-car garage. 

Explore our photo gallery to discover the range of building styles and sizes our construction and design teams can build for you. Whether your vision includes every detail down to the final screw or you need us to guide your design and development, we are happy to help bring your dream project to life.

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