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Excavation Service in Fleetwood, PA

At Martin Construction Co., we’ve got so much experience in the construction field that we consider all points when providing excavation service in Fleetwood, PA, for our customers. To get a piece of property ready for a building project, we factor in soil stability, moisture, and backfill quality. We apply this seasoned approach to every job we handle, from installing a septic system or digging a foundation.

All the Services You Need

Whatever type of excavation service you need for your project, we can provide it without delay. Our team is ready to deliver our comprehensive approach to getting the job done. That includes thorough preparation, including learning what’s below the surface when heavy equipment is used and if there are any utility lines or pipes buried in the area. You can rely on us for everything from paving to:

• Site Stakeout & Preparation
• Laser Elevations
• Land Clearing & Grading
• Basement Excavation
• Building Pads
• Septic Systems & Wells
• Seeding & Landscaping
• NRCS Projects
• Waterways
• Water/Sewer Hookups
• Block Retaining Walls
• Concrete Removal
• Snow Plowing
• Hauling
• Driveways

We are experienced and prepared to take care of every aspect of excavation and site work. Our team focuses on doing the job as quickly and safely as possible for residential and commercial projects. Contact us today to book our team to finish the digging and leveling on time and within budget.

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