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Excavation Service in Fleetwood, PA

Construction sites have unique characteristics that must be considered in preparation for any build. Soil stability, moisture, and even the backfill quality need to be taken into consideration for every job. Whether you’re installing a septic system or a building pad, one of the first steps of your construction process is to hire an excavation service in Fleetwood, PA. Like most construction work, excavation services are best left to the professionals at Martin Construction Co. We understand that every new project begins at the ground level (or slightly below it).

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for Our Excavation Company

Excavating any amount of space is a hazardous job. Several things can happen as a result of not being prepared. Therefore, knowing what is beneath the surface when heavy equipment is used, is critical before you break the surface. Our excavation service covers a wide area of services from paving to:

• Site Stakeout & Preparation
• Laser Elevations
• Land Clearing & Grading
• Basement Excavation
• Building Pads
• Septic Systems & Wells
• Seeding & Landscaping
• NRCS Projects
• Waterways
• Water/Sewer Hookups
• Block Retaining Walls
• Concrete Removal
• Snow Plowing
• Hauling
• Driveways

Our excavation service professionals are experienced in all aspects of the process, and are fully prepared to handle all of the potential hazards. We are amply trained and keep ourselves and your property safe during the excavation process. Martin Construction Co. is available for any excavation and leveling needs, whether you’re building a new home or commercial facility.

Contact us today at Martin Construction Co. for more information on the excavation services we offer. We proudly serve Fleetwood, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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